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More Than the World's Finest Fitness Equipment

Lifestyle Series

Choose our Lifestyle Series for reliable design, performance that keeps it simple and a unified aesthetic that welcomes all the different people you serve.

Endurance Series

Endurance Series delivers the essential features and functions you need for quality workouts, plus durability that stands up to tough environments and options that let you do it all in a way that fits your budget.

Performance Series

Performance Series offers a refined aesthetic, precision-engineered performance ready for intense workouts, exclusive features that make exercise better and smarter, and durability that stands up to heavy use for years.

Performance Plus Series

The Performance Plus Series treadmill raises the bar, introducing an innovative shock-absorbing slat-belt and a robust drive system that ensure a comfortable, stable, and seamless experience, even during the most demanding runs.

Cardio Consoles

Our diverse collection of consoles gives you choices in what you put on your floor. Sophisticated, easy-to-operate designs give your members control of the data they collect, the content that keeps them engaged and the way they reach their goals.

Matrix Strength Series

  • Matrix Ultra

    The ultimate combination of advanced functionality, intuitive operation and breathtaking industrial design. Experience power, intelligence and durability at its finest.

  • Matrix Versa

    As the name implies, versatility is the key. Design a strength training area that fits your space with advanced biomechanics and clean aesthetics your users will appreciate.

  • Matrix Aura

    The time-tested durability of the classic Aura Series makes it a sought-after choice, with its signature features and an extensive selection of equipment.

  • Matrix Magnum

    The unrivaled performance of the Magnum Series helps users reach their potential in smart new ways, and its unmatched durability stands up to the most demanding training environments, year after year.

More Than One Way To Build Strength

Compare Strength Series

Matrix strength equipment elevates every workout experience, empowering those you serve to maximize their precious time with natural, smooth, and efficient movements designed to minimize discomfort and maximize gains across all series.